Free Extrusion/Spheronization Trials In Our development Lab

If you need to run extrusion and/or spheronization trials to make pellets, our lab is the perfect place to do it! Our fully equipped formulation development laboratory is available for you to process and measure your materials whether they are pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic or agrochemical (catalyst, nutraceutical, aquafarming, biotechnology and food technology also welcome).

Coming into our lab will mean you can discuss your project with experienced lab personnel who will advise you on which type of extruder and/or spheronizer is most suitable for your project. We can also produce a report detailing how the final product was successfully achieved and what our recommendations are for future formulation development. On top of this- we'll buy you lunch too!

Why not take us up on a free day in the lab to:

  • Gain access to experienced lab personnel who can advise you on your project.
  • Work with the Caleva Multi Lab.
  • Learn the unique benefits of the Mixer Torque Rheometer.
  • Start bringing your idea to life!