Using the Caleva Multi Lab (CML), we are making pellets in less* than 30 minutes.   See if you too can speed your path to successful completion of your project (if you need extrudates then it's even quicker!)

Come and see the multi function CML in our lab.  Bring your materials and let's see what we can do together.   Mix/granulate - extrude - spheronize.   Another advantage that only Caleva can offer you is the use of the Mixer Torque Rheometer that may show you how to more closely understand the characteristics your formulation and where they can be optimized.

If your project involves pharmaceutical, chemical, catalyst, nutraceutical, aquaculture, agrochemical, cosmetic, biotechnology or food materials then we may be able to help you.   Visit us with your materials and run extrusion and spheronization experiments to make pellets (or extrudates).

Contact us to discuss your project.  

* actually it's 23 minutes!

  • We do not charge you anything for this if you come to our site and work with us
  • If you are not able to visit us then please contact us because there are still opportunities to collaborate with us
  • Work with the Caleva Multi Lab
  • Often overlooked are the benefits of the Mixer Torque Rheometer and how this will help you to make your formulation work
  • Set up, set down, clean, set up, set down, clean, set up, set down, clean and put away for next use.  It's fast and it's easy!


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