Accept the SPHERONIZATION CHALLENGE - Free Extrusion/Spheronization Trials in our development lab

Contact us without obligation to talk about your project

We have a fully equipped formulation development laboratory waiting to receive your materials (pharmaceutical, chemical, catalyst, nutraceutical, aquafarming, agrochemical, cosmetic, biotechnology or food technology).  We will run extrusion and/or spheronization trials to make pellets with you in our lab and together we will process, measure, iterate and allow your innovation to show success.

Discuss your project with us - your materials that require extrusion or spheronization, together with details of size and density of the final product that you need.  We will produce a report detailing how the final product was successfully achieved, what our recommendations are if we feel the formulation needs further development.  We will also advise which type of extruder and/or spheronizer is most suitable and will obtain the result that you need.

Not everything can be extruded or spheronized, but many materials can, and we are often surprised (and delighted) to discover when they can.  Why not give us a try?  There is no charge if you (and colleagues if you wish)  come to our site with your materials.  As you spend your chosen day working with us, you will learn a great deal, very quickly, and establish the next steps in your project.  We will take very good care of you and buy you a nice lunch.

  • This offer is free of charge if you come to our site and work with us
  • We offer a very reasonable service at a nominal amount if you are unable to travel
  • You will be able to work with the Caleva Multi Lab
  • Learn the unique benefits of the Mixer Torque Rheometer
  • Small groups are most welcome





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